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01. Fundamentals Introduction - The Joe Parys Academy.mp4 4M [video/mp4]
02. ESSENTIAL TOOLS- What Tools You Need To Get Started - The Joe Parys Academy.mp4 30M [video/mp4]
02. ESSENTIAL TOOLS.pdf 4M [application/pdf]
03. HOW TO SET UP _ INSTALL METAMASK.pdf 2M [application/pdf]
03. How To Download and Create Your Metamask Wallet - The Joe Parys Academy.mp4 26M [video/mp4]
03. THE BASICS OF USING METAMASK.pdf 5M [application/pdf]
04. How To Add Different BlockChain Networks on Metamask - The Joe Parys Academy.mp4 20M [video/mp4]
06. BUY- How To Buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Using Coinbase For Beginners - The Joe Parys Academy.mp4 36M [video/mp4]
06. HOW TO BUY CRYPTO ON COINBASE.pdf 11M [application/pdf]
07. How To Buy Altcoins on Uniswap (COMPLETE TUTORIAL) - The Joe Parys Academy.ts 39M [video/MP2T]
08. How To Buy Altcoins & Yeild Farm on Pancakeswap (COMPLETE TUTORIAL) - The Joe Parys Academy.ts 50M [video/MP2T]
10. How To Bridge Cryptocurrencies From One Blockchain To Another Using Metamask - The Joe Parys Academy.ts 4M [video/MP2T]
11. The Most Important Lecture in Our Course! DYOR! - The Joe Parys Academy.ts 44M [video/MP2T]
12. How To Do Research For New Crypto Projects Using Token Metrics - The Joe Parys Academy.ts 18M [video/MP2T]
13. The Hard Truth & How To Avoid Losing Money With Crypto - The Joe Parys Academy.ts 35M [video/MP2T]
14. How to Use The Market's Emotions to Make Money With Cryptocurrency - The Joe Parys Academy.ts 28M [video/MP2T]