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Structure and Interpretation of Comptuer Programs/ [Directory]
Computer Organization And Design The Hardware Software Interface - Patterson, Hennessy - Morgan Kaufmann (2005).pdf 49M [application/pdf]
Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming - Dalmau - New Riders (2003).pdf 7M [application/pdf]
Data Structures for Game Programmers - Penton - Premier (2003).pdf 16M [application/pdf]
Head First Object Oriented Analysis and Design - McLaughlin, Pollice, West - O'Reilly (2007).pdf 51M [application/pdf]
Software Engineering for Game Developers - Flynt, Salem - Thomson (2005).pdf 24M [application/pdf]
The Object-Oriented Thought Process - Weisfeld - Addison-Wesley (2009).pdf 3M [application/pdf]