Directory listing for /The Actually Useful Programming Library v1.0 (Oct 2011)/Game Design/

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Beginning Game Level Design - Feil, Scattergood - Course Tech (2005).pdf 5M [application/pdf]
Chris Crawford on Game Design - Crawford - New Riders (2003).chm 2M [chemical/x-chemdraw]
Game Architecture and Design - Rollings, Morris - New Riders (2004).pdf 8M [application/pdf]
Game Character Design Complete - Franson, Thomas - Course Tech (2007).pdf 11M [application/pdf]
Game Design Foundations - Pedersen - Wordware (2003).chm 11M [chemical/x-chemdraw]
Game Design Theory and Practice - Rouse - Wordware (2005).chm 32M [chemical/x-chemdraw]
Postmortems From GameDeveloper - Grossman - CMP (2003).pdf 16M [application/pdf]
Ultimate Game Design Building Game Worlds - Meigs - McGraw-Hill (2003).pdf 6M [application/pdf]