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A First Course in Linear Algebra - ver 2.22 - Beezer (2011)/ [Directory]
Thomas' Calculus 12e - Thomas, Weir, Hass - Addison-Wesley (2010)/ [Directory]
3D Geometry Tutorials - Geometric Tools (2008).rar 11M [application/rar]
3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development - Dunn, Parberry - Wordware (2002).pdf 12M [application/pdf]
A Beginners Guide to Graph Theory 2e - Wallis - Birkhauser (2007).pdf 3M [application/pdf]
A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic - Bilaniuk - Creative Commons (2003).pdf 726K [application/pdf]
Algorithmic Graph Theory - Joyner, Nguyen, Cohen - Creative Commons (2011).pdf 5M [application/pdf]
An Introduction To Linear Algebra - Kuttler (2010).pdf 2M [application/pdf]
An Introduction to Modern Mathematical Computing with Maple - Borwein, Skerritt - Springer (2011).pdf 4M [application/pdf]
Beginning Math and Physics for Game Programmers - Stahler - New riders (2004).chm 2M [chemical/x-chemdraw]
Calculus 7e - Stewart - Brooks-Cole (2012).pdf 53M [application/pdf]
Calculus Without Limits - Almost - Sparks - Self-Published (2005).pdf 2M [application/pdf]
Calculus for AP Early Trancendentals - Rogawski, Cannon - Freeman (2012).pdf 73M [application/pdf]
College Physics 9e - Serway, Vuille - Brooks-Cole (2011).pdf 82M [application/pdf]
Combinatorics The Rota Way - Rota, Kunk, Yan - Cambridge (2009).pdf 2M [application/pdf]
Engineering Mathematics 6e - Bird - Newnes (2010).pdf 3M [application/pdf]
Game Physics - Eberly - Morgan Kaufmann (2004).pdf 68M [application/pdf]
Jewish Problems - Khovanova, Radul - MIT (2011).pdf 341K [application/pdf]
Linear Algebra and Its Applications 4e - Lay - Addison-Wesley (2012).pdf 8M [application/pdf]
Linear Algebra and Its Applications 4e - Stang - Thompson (2006).pdf 13M [application/pdf]
Linear Algebra in 25 Lectures - Denton, Waldron - Creative Commons (2011).pdf 1M [application/pdf]
Mathematics and Physics for Programmers - Pallai - Charles River (2005).pdf 6M [application/pdf]
Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics 2e - Lengyel - Charles River (2004).pdf 15M [application/pdf]
Physics For Game Programmers - Palmer - Apress (2005).pdf 4M [application/pdf]
Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics 8e - Serway, Jewett - Brooks-Cole (2010).pdf 68M [application/pdf]
Precalculus 9e - Sullivan - Prentice Hall (2012).pdf 46M [application/pdf]
Precalculus A Problems-Oriented Approach - Cohen - Thomson (2005).pdf 10M [application/pdf]
Precalculus A Right Triangle Approach 4e - Beecher, Penna, Bittinger - Addison-Wesley (2012).pdf 21M [application/pdf]
Technical Mathematics with Calculus - Calter - Wiley (2011).pdf 39M [application/pdf]