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Agile Web Development with Rails 4e (Rails 3.1) - Ruby, Thomas, Hansson - Pragmatic (2011)/ [Directory]
The Well Grounded Rubyist - Black - Manning (2009)/ [Directory]
Clever Alogrithms (Not so clever code) - Brownlee (2011).pdf 2M [application/pdf]
Crafting Rails Applications - (Pragmatic Mar 2011).pdf 2M [application/pdf]
Eloquent Ruby - Olson (Addison Wesley 2011).pdf 4M [application/pdf]
Metaprogramming Ruby - Perrotta (Pragmatic 2010).pdf 5M [application/pdf]
Programming Ruby 1.9 3e - Pragmatic (2010).pdf 7M [application/pdf]
Rails AntiPatterns - Addison-Wesly (2011).pdf 4M [application/pdf]
Rails Test Prescriptions - Rappin (Pragmatic 2011).pdf 5M [application/pdf]
Ruby Best Practices - O'Reilly (With cover 2009).pdf 2M [application/pdf]
Ruby Programming - Jerry Ford - Course Tech (2011).pdf 6M [application/pdf]
Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial - Addison-Wesly (2011).pdf 8M [application/pdf]
The Rails 3 Way 2nd Edition - Addison Wesley (2010).pdf 8M [application/pdf]
Using JRuby - Pragmatic (2011).pdf 5M [application/pdf]
Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby - why the lucky stiff - Creative Commons (2005).pdf 4M [application/pdf]