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Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalk - Go╠łkel - Creative Commons (2009)/ [Directory]
Inside Smalltalk Vol 1 - LaLonde, Pugh - Prentice-Hall (1990).pdf 18M [application/pdf]
Inside Smalltalk Vol 2 - LaLonde, Pugh - Prentice-Hall (1990).pdf 18M [application/pdf]
Pharo by Example - Black, Ducasse, Nierstrasz, Pollet- Creative Commons (2009).pdf 8M [application/pdf]
Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns (draft) - Kent Beck - Prentice-Hall (1996).pdf 243K [application/pdf]
Smalltalk By Example - Sharp - Creative Commons (1997).pdf 5M [application/pdf]
Smalltalk with Style - Kilmas, Skublics, Thomas - Printice-Hall (1996).pdf 8M [application/pdf]
Smalltalk, Objects, and Design - Liu (Self Published 1999).pdf 12M [application/pdf]
The Art and Science of Smalltalk - Lewis, Simon - Prentice Hall (1995).pdf 5M [application/pdf]